The Swan Hotel - Port Townsend, Washington, 98368, United States

Traveling With Your Canine Companion

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With two distinct Historical Districts, Port Townsend is a dog-friendly town.  Downtown along Water and Washington Streets, we have outdoor cafes for people-watching and many delightful shops for window-browsing.  Many of the Downtown merchants provide outdoor water bowls for thirsty pets along the sidewalks in warmer weather.  The area offers hiking trails, beaches and lovely Uptown neighborhoods for taking leisurely walks together while admiring the local flora and architecture.

Since we know how much fun it is to travel with your special canine companion and we appreciate that many of our guests travel with their dogs, we have made some studios and a cottage dog friendly.  Our dog-friendly rooms are:

Studio  A1
Studio A2
Studio A3
Studio A4

Cottage 4

Dogs must be safe around all humans, well-mannered and non-threatening. You take full responsibility for your animal and any damage(s) that may occur.  To ensure your dog is as comfy as possible, we also provide our Canine Companion Welcome Basket which includes:

• Use of dog bed, dog toys, treats, dog matt, water and food dishes
• Walking map highlighting dog-friendly areas/dog parks
• Biodegradable cleanup bags
• Towels provided for muddy paws and wet coats

A pet fee of $20/day per dog applies, and we’ll ask you to abide by a few additional guidelines during your time with us.  If you need help arranging a dog-sitter or dog-walker, we'll be glad to assist you.   If you have any additional questions, please give us a call.

Dog Policies

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We ask that you please observe these rules to maintain the cleanliness and quality of the hotel:

  1. At no time may a dog be left in a room unattended.
  2. Dogs are not allowed on any furniture or on hotel bedding.
  3. Dogs are not allowed to eat or drink from hotel dishes.
  4. Do not bathe your dog in hotel bathtubs or showers.
  5. Please make sure your dog is dry and clean upon entering or returning to the hotel. Doggy towels are available and should be in your Canine Companion Welcome Basket, if you need additional towels, please contact the front desk.
  6. Dogs who bark repeatedly and/or display aggressive behavior will be required to leave.
  7. You are responsible and will be charged for any damage or extra ordinary cleaning caused by your dog. This is in addition to the $20.00 fee charged upon check-in. (As an example, if the dog sleeps on the bed linen the quilt and linen will be commercially cleaned and the account charged $150.00.)
  8. Dogs are allowed in the lobby and in the designated dog-friendly studios or cottage.
  9. Dogs are to be leashed and accompanied by an owner when not in their room. At no time may a dog be unattended or unleashed in hotel common areas or grounds.
  10. The gardens at the Swan Hotel are fragile landscaping. Please walk your dog on the side lawns only and clean up after your pet. The front desk will be happy to provide you with additional cleanup bags.

Any violation of the above policies will result in a minimum $150.00 charge to the master credit card on account.