Coastal Cuisine

Whether you're looking for a bite at a bistro or cocktails at a local bar, you'll find it in Port Townsend. This secluded location on the Olympic Peninsula features a world class cuisine, a fresh supply of seafood and a rich, historic wine culture.

Dine, Wine, Cider

Port Townsend is one of nine wineries and cideries that make up the Olympic Peninsula Wineries and is also a featured part of the Olympic Culinary Loop. While you're here, you can explore some of the freshest local cuisine in the Olympic Peninsula, prepared with local history and culture in mind. Visit Port Townsend Vineyards and taste wine produced locally while exploring historic locations like the C.F. Clapp Building, built in 1885.


Unique to Port Townsend

Wineries and Cideries

Wine and ciders have enhanced the character of Port Townsend throughout its history. At least six wineries and cideries are located in Port Townsend and many others are found on the Olympic Peninsula, each offering their own unique blends. 

Local Wines & Ciders 

  • Eaglemount Wine & Cider
  • Port Townsend Vineyards
  • Alpenfire Cider
  • The Wine Seller
  • Fairwinds Winery  
  • Finnriver
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