Port Townsend Dog Friendly Hotel

Dog Policies for out Pet Friendly Lodging Port Townsend

We accept all types of dogs without size, breed or weight restrictions at our dog friendly hotel in Port Townsend. We offer complimentary dog treats, a variety of dog supplies (just in case the favorite toy or food bowl got left at home), a comfy dog bed to use during your dog's stay and designated clean-up baggies. In order to ensure the comfort and safety of all our guests, we ask that you read and accept the following policies.


1. A pet fee per dog per night will be applied to your reservation. Dogs must be registered with the front desk.
2. In consideration of other guests and staff, dogs may not be left in a room unattended, at any time.
3. Guests are responsible for all property damages and/or personal injuries resulting from their dog and will be responsible for the repair and/or replacement of any items stained or damaged by their dogs; Please keep dogs off the bed and furnishings.
4. Dog bowls are provided for convenience during your stay; please do not use hotel dishes.
5. Do not bathe your dog in hotel bathtubs or showers; doggie towels are provided for muddy paws so please make sure your dog is clean upon entering the hotel.
6. Dogs that bark repeatedly or display aggressive behaviors will be required to leave.
7. Dogs are allowed in the lobby and in ground floor suites and Cottage 4. However, if you choose to relax on the deck or garden of any of these rooms you may as long as your dog remains on a leash.
8. Dogs are to be leashed and accompanied by an owner when not in their hotel room, this includes hotel common areas and grounds.
9. Please pick up after your dog does his or her business; we’ve provided Doggie-Pot bags for this purpose and additional bags are available if needed.
10. Any repairs or extraordinary cleaning because of your dog may result in you being charged a damage fee in addition to the per dog per day fee required at check-in.
11. Any violation of the above policies may result in a minimum $150.00 charge. Thank you for respecting our policies for the sake of your dog as well as the safety and comfort of other guests in the hotel.



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