Port Townsend Attractions

There's plenty of things to do in Port Townsend during your stay at The Swan Hotel. Whether it's hiking in the Olympic National Forest, whale watching off the Olympic Peninsula or a haunted tour of the historic Fort Worden, we've got something for many interests and varied tastes.

Explore Port Townsend


Port Townsend offers something for every type of traveler. Experience our seaside culture and much more.

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Olympic Peninsula

The Olympic Peninsula features many outdoor wonders, including Olympic National Park and Forest. Hike Hurricane Ridge for majestic views of the Elwah River Valley or choose one of 22 waterfall trails.

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Dine, Wine, Cider

During your stay at The Swan Hotel, make sure to take advantage of the culinary attractions that Port Townsend has to offer. Take part in the Culinary Loop or sample some of the peninsula's wines.

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Area Map

See all that Port Townsend has to offer and get a sense for where The Swan Hotel is located. Our seaside hotel offers scenic views of Olympic Peninsula, surrounded by natural forests and historic beaches.

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