Our Rainshadow Rewards Program

Good Things Come to Those Who Stay

The Rainshadow Rewards Program is our new, unique rewards program that goes beyond recognizing your frequent reservations, because we feel that loyalty to our hotels is more than transactions; it's about building experiences and relationships. Intrigued yet?

As you get to know us by staying and experiencing the Bishop Victorian and Swan Hotels, you'll earn perks and benefits, and good things truly come to those who stay.  Now, keep scrolling, we've covered some of the most commonly asked questions here:

Does it cost anything to become a Rainshadow Rewards Member?

No. Happily, some things in life are still free.

How do I become a Rainshadow Rewards Member?

Tell us about you HERE and we’ll take it from there. Quick and easy! There are only two requirements to make you eligible to join the Rainshadow Rewards program: 1. You give us permission to place you on our email list and 2. You must stay with us 3 times in the same calendar year for initial eligibility. The good news? Once you are on the list, you are on it always, no matter how many times you stay. (But we hope you choose to stay often!)

Can you define "eligible"?

The first part is that you have to let us know you are a Rainshadow Rewards member by signing in when making a booking online, telling our reservation agent when making a reservation over the phone, or making sure your corporate travel agent has your Rewards ID handy when booking. If you always sign in or use your Rewards ID when booking reservations, a stay will never go missing!

I was already in the “old” Frequent Guest Program, what happens to my points?

If you’re a former active Frequent Guest program member, rest easy – you’re already in.
Transitions of this nature take time, so be certain to remind us you are part of the “old” program when booking a room. Frequent Guests transitioning to the Rainshadow Rewards Program will continue to enjoy the personalized experience and benefits of the program.

Do my Rainshadow Rewards stay and night credits roll over into next year?

They sure will. Just make sure to have an eligible stay completed within the past 24 months to maintain your stay credits. This will not include upcoming stays.

Do I have to make free night rewards reservations in advance?

Not necessarily, but we do prefer at least 24 hours’ notice to make a reward reservation; however for the greatest availability, booking well in advance of your stay is recommended. Also, please be aware there are certain 'blackout" dates where free nights stays are not applicable, this includes all festival weekends. 

Can I earn credit on more than one room per stay?

You can earn credits for however many rooms you pay for. If a reservation is made under your name, but another guest is paying for it, it does not count toward your reward points. On the upside however, any friends, family, or colleagues that are staying in those rooms can each earn credits for their stay if they agree to the criteria. Encourage them to join and we’ll add their Rewards ID to their reservation. What a great way to spread the love!

What are Special Member Offers?

As a Rainshadow Rewards member, you'll always be in the know about exclusive offers and the first to be told about our promotions. As a requirement for joining our program you were asked to opt in for our emails. You don't want to miss out!

What do you mean by Custom Stay Preferences?

Your stays with us are all about you. Do you prefer decaf coffee in your room and not regular? Do you always place your “Do Not Disturb” card outside of your door? Let us know what makes you most comfortable and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

What is Late Check-out Priority?

We know, we know. You don’t want to leave and we don’t want you to go either. We generally do not allow late check-outs, but on occasion, we will let a guest stay up until 12pm. This would need to be confirmed by the Front Desk the morning of departure and will be based on availability. You will get priority over non-members.


It's Up to You!

We love it when our guests to return to stay with us again and again!  In recognition of this appreciation, if you stay three or more times within a year, you are eligible for our Rainshadow Rewards Program - and the good news is once you are in, you are in!

There are two ways to trade in your points for items on the list.  1. simply let us know at check in or 2. send us an email with your RRP Identification number and we will have your item(s) available when you arrive!

The Rewards List:

Elevated Ice Cream Card | 100 RRP points

Rose Theatre Pass | 200 RRP points

Wine/Cider/Champagne | 320 RRP points

Lunch Certificate | 400 RRP points

Soak on the Sound Pass | 500 RRP points

Bishop/Swan Umbrella | 500 RRP points

Dinner Gift Certificate | 800 RRP points

Luxurious Spa Bathrobe | 1500 RRP points

Whale Watch Pass | 1700 RRP points

One Free Night Stay | Please inquire when making a reservation


How Does it Work?

  1. First, create your profile in our online reservations system by following the prompts to join the Rainshadow Rewards Program; you'll receive our bi-monthly email newsletter about seasonal packages and exclusive offers.
  2. Then, stay with us! Points are automatically rewarded 24 hours after check out. Please note: points accrued during your stay are not available for immediate redemption.
  3. When you've accrued 1000 points or more, you can start trading in points for reward items!
  4. Availability search results on our online reservation system will include an Access Code. When making your reservation, choose this rate to create your reservation. Unfortunately, you cannot use your points toward any of our packages, but you will still earn the reward points for the stay!
  5. To book a complimentary night, please contact us by phone or in person for future stays.

    The Rules (everyone has them!)

    • This offer is for individual bookings only; the offer does not apply to contracted groups or conferences.
    • All of your qualifying nights must be booked under the same guest profile for points to accrue correctly.
    • You must be a member of the Rainshadow Rewards Program to accrue points and redeem your complimentary stays or to select items.
    • Qualifying nights begin the day you sign up!
    • The free room is based on a queen-size room at standard rate. Based on availability; festival and blackout dates may apply.
    • No credit for "no-shows" or reservations that are cancelled.
    • Free or sponsored promotional stays are excluded from earning points in the program.


    Please note: We are unable to issue points for reservations made through Booking.com or similar sites. For best results, book directly through our website or by calling us. All rules are subject to change. We are unable to issue points for reservations made through Booking.com or similar sites. For best results, book directly through our website or by calling us. All rules are subject to change.

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